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Wes' Rib House

38 Dike Street

Providence, RI 02909

(401) 421-9090




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NOTE: This is an older review, kept on the site for historical purposes only. For my most recent review of Wes' Rib House, click here.



Wes' Rib House in Providence is located in one of those neighborhoods that you'd swear was the hideout of some underworld crime boss. The real crime is the food. In spite of their decade-old "Best of Rhode Island" awards, the barbecue just isn't good here.


My visit predated my plans to start this site, so there aren't any photos, but I took some notes, summarized in the Bottom Line below.


I can still remember the long wait it took to get a server to finally take my order, and the toughness of the ribs. As a big cole slaw fan, I can also remember that their version literally had more Mayo than cabbage, and that's pretty hard to do.

The bottom line: Bad neighborhood, bad service, dry barbecue.


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This review predates my policy of photographing every BBQ meal.













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